No Wonder Church is Complicated!

We know that leading a church is complicated. But why? Shouldn’t it be easier? Most churches are a combination of elder governed, staff led, and volunteer driven. That alone makes the complexity pretty obvious.

4 Ways to Assess a Church

Every Sunday thousands of people visit churches across America. They are immediately making decisions about whether or not they will return. Whether you are looking for a church, or you are a pastor and hoping your guests will return, there are some helpful insights to gain here in assessing a church.

Leadership Behind the Scenes

Sandy Knap was one of the best leaders I’ve known. For those who are tempted to think that leadership from behind the scenes has less impact, Sandy’s life was a constant refresher about the power of servant leadership.

Preparing for Easter

Easter is only about six weeks away. March 27th will arguably carry the greatest potential to reach the unchurched for Jesus over any other weekend the rest of the year. Are you ready?