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I’ve been a runner for decades, well, more like a jogger. I don’t run far, I don’t run fast, and I don’t run pretty, but it’s 3.1 miles every day.

One thing I’ve learned is that I don’t run well on an unstable surface.

Jogging in beach sand, rocky surfaces, or a potholed grass field doesn’t work for me. It destabilizes my footing, and I feel off-balance the whole time. 

It makes me run in a tentative way.

In this COVID season, the same thing happens in leadership.  

The sustained disruption in so much of the life and ministry of a local church has many leaders off-balance, and we can end up leading tentatively.

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The art of leadership can be the adventure of a lifetime, but can also wear down even the best and brightest of leaders over time. What makes the difference between a leader who seems to bounce back from a set-back and one who pulls back from a set-back?

There are a number of factors, but here’s one thing that makes a big difference.

Who is coming back to church, and when?

Then again, is it really about “coming back?” 

In principle no.

Most of your congregation never left. Most are with you online. And the church is not about a building; it’s about the impact of Jesus in the community.

In practice, yes.

We all know what we’re talking about.

The return of the church to physical buildings post COVID, and we are very much in uncharted waters.

People will come back; that we can know with confidence.
What we don’t know is who, how many, and when.

So, let’s be candid. There is more we don’t know than we do.

But isn’t that what we as leaders are called to do —  lead into the unknown?

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Facing fast-paced change in the midst of uncertainty can shake your confidence. It’s all about how you embrace change that makes or breaks your leadership over the long-haul.

Adaptability is essential to your success and you can improve your ability to adapt.