Dan Reiland The Pastor's Coach – Developing Church Leaders

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”   

Abraham Lincoln

When you think in terms of leadership, this is a great truth that is relevant to the church.

When churches or senior leadership teams within the church are not aligned, and in many cases openly divided:

  • They can’t stand unified.
  • They can’t move forward.
  • They can’t fully honor God.

It’s sad to see church leaders divided. Sometimes it’s literally a room of angry people raising their voices and demanding their way. Others are more sophisticated, holding quiet meetings in secret, and pressing personal agendas forward. Both are just as dangerous and break God’s heart.

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The higher you rise in leadership, the fewer decisions you make, but the greater the weight each decision carries.

Leadership and decision-making are inseparable. It’s part of the territory. Owning your decisions is the real weight. Any leader enjoys the resulting success from a good decision, but when a bad decision is made, the great leaders take responsibility. And the truth is, if you’ve never made a bad call, you are playing it too safe.

Unfortunately, some leaders respond to a decision that didn’t go well like putting their hand on a hot stove. They just don’t go near stoves anymore. You’ve got to learn from your mistakes and stay in the game. 

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It’s easy to miss the heart of Easter personally because we’re so busy getting ready to tell everyone else about it. 

Don’t let your professionalism crowd out the personal from your Easter experience this year.

Too familiar are the stories of exhausted evangelists and pastors who worked so hard and taught like their preaching and personality carried the full weight of Easter.

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When a leader gets stuck, the organization gets stuck.

If you continue to grow as a person and as a leader, what you lead is much more likely to keep pace with you. The opposite is also true. If you stop growing, in time, so will what you lead.

Change, adaptability, and improvement are essential.

Over many years in ministry and thousands of conversations with church leaders, the one thing that seems to separate those who keep moving forward and those who don’t is continued personal growth. (That includes spiritual growth.)

Personal growth never gets old. In fact, it keeps you mentally young, increases your energy and has a dramatic impact on your whole life.

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