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How would you assess the strength of your volunteer teams?

  • Strong and vibrant
  • Steady and good
  • Struggling but functional
  • Trying to survive

Maybe it depends on the ministry.

Many of your volunteers have returned, and no doubt you are grateful for that, but how have they returned? How are they doing?

How are they at a soul level?

How strong are their serving capacities?

If your church’s staff and key leaders have been impacted by the realities of the past couple of years, your volunteers have been affected too.

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My heart aches when I hear a horror story about a church board filled with division, conflict, and competition with the pastor about who leads. But thankfully, more stories are closer to a dream come true than a nightmare.

What makes the difference?

It starts with selecting who’s on your board, but that’s just the beginning. I wrote a brief post a few years back covering an introduction to selecting church elders. I’ll include a couple of abbreviated thoughts from it today, but you can read the full post here.

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Cultivating hope, expressing encouragement, and maintaining an authentically positive spirit are vital to your leadership. People need to sense your optimism as a leader.

But that’s not always easy, is it?

  • Discouragement may run close to the surface for you right now.
  • You may be carrying the weight of a difficult decision.
  • Attempting to anticipate what’s around the corner might be causing anxiety.

Sometimes, the difficult circumstances near us can blind us to the good surrounding us.

And because we devote a significant amount of time to solving problems (a normal part of leadership), it’s easy to forget the blessings.

It’s not unlike a farmer who works so diligently to tend the soil, fend off pests, get rid of weeds, and make sure the crops are watered. Yet, they can lose sight that all that hard work produces life-giving food that nourishes so many people!

What you do really matters!

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The Church is a powerful force for good and the hope of the world. That has always been true. Yes, the Church is flawed, but it hasn’t and can’t fail.

The Church is imperfect because people are imperfect, but the living, breathing body of believers focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ ultimately can’t fail because God can’t fail.

And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

Matthew 16:18

Notice two things:

  • Jesus will build His Church
  • The gates of hell will not overcome the Church

When I take an honest look at the New Testament Church, I see the reality of miraculous life change and community transformation. Yet, at the same time, I also know the reality of daily problems.

The same is true today. 

This is in no way an excuse for sin or disingenuous leadership.

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